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Okefenokee Swamp Park Inc is a non profit 501 (C) (3) organization.
We do not receive any local, State or Federal Funding.


We are the world’s window to the Okefenokee Swamp

Our mission is to promote ecological tourism and education by providing a convenient point of entry into the Okefenokee--an authentic opportunity for the public to develop an appreciation for the wildlife, culture, and natural beauty of the “Land of the Trembling Earth.”


THE OKEFENOKEE SWAMP PARK, a non-profit development operating under a long-term lease, is not supported by federal or state funds. The park makes this awesome and mysterious swampland accessible to you where, for many generations, only stouthearted adventurers and trappers dared to go.

The park is easy to reach from anywhere in the South, located 8 miles south of Waycross, Georgia on highway US 1/23. There are no overnight accommodations in the park, a wildlife sanctuary, but admirable facilities are available in the Waycross area, including camping facilities at nearby Laura S. Walker State Park. An admission charge goes toward operating and developing the park.

Location: Okefenokee Swamp Park is located 8 miles south of Waycross, Georgia off U.S. 1 South on Highway 177. Look for our billboards in Waycross, GA.
From I-95: (Exit 29) In Brunswick, GA take Highway 82 West Exit 6 (Mile Marker 29) Go approx. 45 miles and take Hwy 177.
From I-75: (Exit 62) Coming from Atlanta, GA take I-75 South to Tifton, GA. Take Hwy 82 East Exit 18 (Mile Marker 62) Approx. 77 Miles. In Waycross take U.S. 1 South for 8 miles to our entrance Hwy 177.
From Jacksonville, FL: Take U.S. 1 North in Jacksonville, FL and Travel approx. 67 miles to our entrance and take a left onto Hwy 177.

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No Pets AllowedFor your pet’s protection
and yours,
in the Park!

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